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Q8 Kuwait Petroleum Europoort B.V. carries out delivery of cargoes across Russia. We will deliver your cargo to any destination in Russia, and to do so safely and on time. We have our own multi-functional fleet, designed for loads of different functions and scope – to the customer service small covered wagons or open body trailers, trucks with carrying capacity of 20 tons, loading and mounting hardware. Also on long-distance we deliver via rail and pipe-lines.

Our new facility in Vladivostok will further Q8 Kuwait Petroleum Europoort B.V. ambition to cover all modes of transport and is a response to growing customer demand for rail transport. Driven by growing customer demand for rail transport, throughput is expected to rise quickly, from around two trains a week at the start to one train a day.

The facility can also be modified in future to handle other oil products such as aviation fuels, gasoline, diesel and edible oils. In the medium term, throughput could increase to two trains a day.

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Rail transportation takes the bottom, as a reliable and most economical service of our company. When it comes to heavy and oversized cargo, this service is best suited for the transport of such goods. Compared to vehicles, railway transportation has a rolling stock, which are ways to lift a large load. A plus is independence from any weather conditions. Turning to us for this service, you will receive high-quality service and cargo safety until the end of our cooperation.

Our staff create all the necessary conditions for the carriage of goods. We offer container transportation in special wagons, depending on the volume or tonnage. You will be able to track your cargo throughout the route. Our employees take over the loading and unloading of cargo.


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