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In this section you will find data on Investor's total return and share price development, historically as well as on a daily basis. You will also find other information related to the Investor share. Our calendar shows upcoming and previous Investor events and important dates.

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Invitation to the Capital Markets Day.

Q8 Kuwait Petroleum Europoort B.V. has the pleasure of inviting investors, analysts, media and other stakeholders to attend our annual Capital Markets Day on Wednesday from 09:00-11:30

Capital Markets Day presentation

Targeting our optimal capital structure and meet the future with a competitive and flexible oil and gas storage tank platform.

Investor and Media Services

Investor’s investments are divided into Listed storage Investments, tank storage Industries and transshipping Investments this consists of our long-term, strategic holdings. Our owned subsidiaries and other unlisted investments.

Risks and Risk Management

At Investor, risk management is an integral part of the Group’s processes, meaning that control and responsibility for control is close to the business operations.


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barrels of crude oil & products stored daily




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